Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Adat dan Perkahwinan (Entry tak ada gambar)

Hello.. As Salam All readers,

Im feeling kinda boring at work since the BF is not around.
He's out of the country for work... Rindu much!!!

We had quarrel last week about His Adat which i think will definitely memalukan nama baik my Famil and also will hurt my parents feelings. Please dont ask me what it is, coz let it remain as Family's tradition. I accept the fact that every family have their own tradition too but somehow my parents would just neglect it utk kebahagiaan anak. Well, it's more important if anak anak happy rather than sakit hati pasal terlampau berkeras dengan adat... right? Besides, i feel so stressful everytime it comes to their adat. if he wanna think about the feelings of the person who gave birth to him, i too wanna take care of the feelings of the lady who gave birth to me. we cant just follow 1 side of the tradition. Perkahwinan isnt about 1 side of the family sja yg mengarah this and that, right?

So anyway... i think.. my BF have been thinking about this.. so he decided to let the parents do the talking. Payah jua ia kan convince his mom supaya ketepi kan adat ani. and i dont wanna hurt my mom too pasal adat2 ani. So... since the BF is away this week...and next week i'll be away... we might have to Re-Think about this again after i came back from my leave. Need to think about the Date for meminang. LOL
I hope drg dpt kata sepakat lah utk keharmonian bersama.

Coz perkahwinan ni menyatukan dua buah keluarga... bukan nya menyimpan perasaan dendam dan kebencian antara satu sama lain just becoz nda tercapai impian adat. So please pray for us.

Sebaik baik perkahwinan tu, biar lah yang di restui Allah... jangan terlalu taksub dgn budaya Adat Melayu... biarlah mengikuti budaya Adat Islam... barulah dpt berkat.

Til next time... Take Care

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hello to 2011

Lama tak ada update kan...? Been Busy with Fighting with my Feelings... heheheh
BUT i never stop myself from Browsing....

so here what i've found

I want to have this White Pelamin kalau sanding d dewan

I want this Pelamin For Nikah...

Thank You Images.Google for all the photos

I have lots of plans for my Nikah Day.. Tho' belum ada specific Date when it will take place... But atleast.. plan tu Harussss ada. Right? We'll see nanti how it will go.... I hope BF will propose soon... hopefully This year... =)